I need to return all or part of my order.

You can return your order as long as it has never been assembled. Please ship in the boxes it was received in to 860 Commerce Dr. Bryan, OH 43506. The shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer. Please contact us before you return your order. An order that has been assembled cannot be returned, please contact us or Sauder for replacement parts or help with assembly. Thank you

Can I specify a delivery date for my order?

We have had good timing in specifying a particular delivery date when shipping via FedEx ground. Most orders are shipped FedEx ground. Those which aren't shipped FedEx ground are shipped an alternate ground carrier. Alternate ground carriers require an appointment for delivery.

Can I pay by check?

Yes. We accept personal checks and money orders. We wait for personal checks to clear before processing your order. Make payable and send to: Advanced Furniture Outfitters, 860 Commerce Drive, Bryan, OH 43506

I do not live in the United States or Canada but I do have an APO address. Can I still place an order?

We make shipments to APO addresses weighing 70 lbs. or less and they are shipped via the U.S. Postal Service. Please call for pricing.

My Sauder furniture has been assembled but a piece or several pieces have recently broken and I would like a replacement.

Sauder backs their furniture with a 5 year warranty. Please contact them at 800.523.3987.

I have received my order recently but some pieces are damaged or missing or I am missing the assembly instructions.

If your furniture arrives damaged or pieces or assembly instructions are missing, please contact Sauder at 800.523.3987. If Sauder says there are too many pieces to replace, contact us and we will pick up the damaged box and send you a replacement.

If I placed an order, how long would it take for it to arrive at my door?

Most orders are shipped within 2-3 working days. In most cases you can expect to receive your order in fewer than 8 business days.

I would like to find a local retailer that carries Sauder furniture.

We do not have a list of Sauder retailers. You can contact Sauder at 1-800-523-3987 or at sauder.com. If you cannot find something you like locally, remember we ship most orders within 2-3 business days.

I am looking for a particular model number or type of furniture but I cannot find it on the Web site.

Our Web site is up-to-date with the complete Sauder line. If you know of a particular model number and cannot find it on our site, it has either been discontinued or it is a brand new model. If it has been discontinued, we may still be able to get it for you. Please call us at 800.501.1110 for the latest in discontinued inventory. If it is brand new and it isn't on the site yet, please call 800.501.1110.

What are the materials used in the construction of this furniture and does it require assembly?

The furniture ships unassembled and is made of compressed particle board with laminate finish. All Sauder furniture is designed to last a long time, which is why they back everything they make with a full 5 year warranty. A screwdriver and maybe a hammer are normally the only tools require for assembly. Any other special tools required usually come in the box. Easy-to-follow instructions make assembling the furniture a ton of fun. Depending on the size of the furniture, assembly time should take between 1-4 hours.

I would like to place an order but I am wondering about the availability of a particular model or several models.

Basically, if it's made by Sauder we can get it and we ship most orders within three days. That includes those items on this Web site as well as items not yet posted on our site.